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5 reasons to build a composite deck

Posted by william bateman on Thu, Dec 26, 2013 @ 04:56 PM

Located in New York, WMB Construction takes great pride in building great decks for our customers. In our area here in the Hudson Valley we can easily enjoy three seasons out of our decks. Outdoor living has become extremely popular due to the fact that most of us aren't taking vacations and using the money to create a backyard oasis. With the added value and the comfort of relaxing in your own home you will easily start to see the benefits.

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Five key reasons to add a composte deck to your home:

  • Maintanance free

  • Added value to home

  • Added entertaining area

  • Great closed in area for the little ones

  • Create great memories year after year with family and friends

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Seen here is a deck WMB CONSTRUCTION built in beautiful Monroe, NY 10950. The floor is Timbertech composite twin finish Pacific Walnut flooring. The flooring has been installed using hidden fastners for a nice clean look with no exposed screw heads. Railings are a severe weather rated composite white.composite deck builder woodbury nyStaircase is a fully covered composite with no exposed lumber. Hidden behind is five custom stringers constructed of treated lumber.composite deck builder harriman ny

WMB Construction specializes in:

  • Composite decks

  • Pressure treated lumber decks

  • Concrete patios

  • Pergulas

  • Walkways

  • All phases of Home Improvements

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5 home remodels that can make you money

Posted by william bateman on Sun, Jan 06, 2013 @ 08:27 AM

Remodeling a home can be a very costly venture. Homeowners looking to add value to their homes may try to add upgrades or renovate entire sections of their homes to make them more marketable. Not all home upgrades and renovations are worth spending your hard-earned money on, though. Here is a look at five ways to make your home renovation worth the money and effort you put into it.

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Your roof is the main component of your home. Without a good roof your house will remain worthless. A new roof is always a great investment because no bank ever wants to get involved in loaning money for a home that isn't protected. A poor roof can also increase your chances for mold and mildew build up due to leaking water that can cause health ailments and thousands in damage.

Signs that you need a new roof:

  • Algae growth on shingles

  • Damaged flashing

  • Buckling of sheathing under shingles

  • Curling of shingles

  • Blistering of shingles

  • Missing shingles

  • Ceiling spots inside of your home

  • Missing granules on shingles

  • Evidence of rotting


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Your bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in your home. It is the room where you freshen up everyday and take care of your personal hygiene. Bathroom remodels have been known to return 30-40% on your initial investment when you sell. Nobody wants to move into a home knowing that the bathroom is in need of complete renovation and will in most cases pay more for the home with a good finished bathroom remodel.

Signs that you might need a bathroom remodel:  

  •  Visual evidence of mold and mildew build up

  • Soft spots on floor/and or walls(may indicate rot which could be serious if not addressed)

  • Leaking water

  • Musty smell

  • Grout missing in many areas


kitchen remodel contractor


Your Kitchen is the most frequented room in your home. It brings family together and is the heart of every home. The kitchen is usually the first room you see in a house, so with that being said, it is the most important. I have seen returns as high a 50% on real nice kitchen remodels. The first thing you want to do when selling is knock your buyer off their feet and you can do this with a good quality kitchen.

Signs you might need a new kitchen:

  • Soft spots on floors

  • Cabinets are delaminating

  • Cabinets are faded

  • Circuit breakers keep tripping when you plug in appliances

  • Mold and mildew build up


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 Decks are always a great benefit to any home. Outdoor living and entertaining is on a rise and each year the demand keeps rising for these projects. It creates a personal oaisis and tranquility right in your backyard. It is a guaranteed investment that you and your family can enjoy for years and still have return at the end.

Signs you might need a new deck: 

  • Deck surface is splintering

  • Deck bounces or sways when walking on it

  • Railings are loose and wobbly


finished basement monroe ny


 Finished basements are key to any home. Unfinished it adds no square footage or value to your home. A nice finished basement will most likely have any male interested in purchasing your home know it has beautiful hideaway known as "The Man Cave"! But besides that it creates a great area for entertaining or even just a playroom for the kids. The ideas can become endless when designing your basement. You can add a bathroom, bar, play areas, pool table, etc.!!! A definate asset to your home. Right off the bat when listing your home your square footage will increase by 600-1000 which equals big gains.

Why you might want to remodel your basement:

  • Added square footage

  • Added value

  • Creates entertaining/playing area


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When performing any remodel it is important to pay attention to detail and quality! The sight of a poor install can have adverse affects on your return. While all these recommended projects can be costly, I advise customers to set up a five to ten year plan to save and complete these projects for your enjoyment and to increase the value of your largest investment, your home! 




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Egress windows Orange County, NY

Posted by william bateman on Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 10:21 PM

Egress windows are essentially fire escape windows installed in finished basements. It is a national code that enstates that all finished basements must have a window of 5.7 sq. ft., no more than 44 inches to the sill height and 22 inch clear opening to be able to escape in case of an emergency.

egress window contactor hudson valley ny

A recent egress window installation byWMB Construction where we removed the sliding glass door, which had water/flooding issues, and installed a window.

general contractor monroe woodbury ny

Here we closed in the block foundation and added a footing drain to relieve water pressure. Foundation will be tarred and backfilled with lots of 3/4" gravel to keep the water moving.

carpentry egress window ny

All parging is complete and window looks like it has always been there. A little paint to match is all the customer needs once concrete has cured. Water issues were corrected to keep this basement dry while also conforming to building codes.

Benefits by installing an egress window:

  • Added ventilation to your basement

  • Added natural light which helps prevent growth of mold and mildew

  • Peace in mind that your loved ones will be protected and safe from harms way

  • Added value to your home

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What is a Curtain Drain?

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Sep 17, 2011 @ 09:31 AM

What is a curtain drain?

Curtain drains are essentially trenches filled with gravel covering perforated pipe acting like a gutter system to remove unwanted water away from your home. The trench is lined with filter fabric to ensure that the perforated pipe with remain free of clogs from dirt and silt over the years.

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Why you might need a curtain drain:

  • Areas of your property where you have unwanted water pooling

  • Water issues in your basement(curtain drains work great in conjunction with you homes footing drains)

  • Remove water away from retaining walls and driveways

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With any drainage project performed by WMB Construction , we always use more gravel than necessary. Gravel is natural drainage that quickly filters water to your perforated pipe and away from your home. Most drainage contractors under due this step leaving your curtain drain system practically useless.

french drain monroe ny

How we install a curtain drain:

  • Dig a trench 18"-24" deep in the ground

  • Line trench with filter fabric

  • Install a 4" perforated pipe in ground pitched out to daylight

  • Fill trench with 3/4" gravel

  • Regrade dirt


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 WMB Construction specializes in:

  • Curtain drains

  • Footing drains

  • Sump Pumps

  • Foundation sealing

  • All phases of Home Improvements


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Quick footing drain slideshow

Posted by william bateman on Fri, May 06, 2011 @ 11:18 PM

WMB Construction is your #1 dranage contractor. Call today for your free estimate.

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How to fix a wet basement

Posted by william bateman on Sun, Apr 10, 2011 @ 07:56 PM

Has heavy rainfall and snow melt left your basement unlivable?  As the water tables rises, so does the water in your basement? Ever wonder why this is happening? Most likely your footing drains are failing. As water tables rise from the ground up it needs somewhere to be relieved and with poor drainage you will experience what is called hydrostatic pressure. Water will penetrate to the path of least resistance, usually cracks in foundation and/or floor. Signs of a failing footing drain is usually dampness in the corner of concrete floof and wall  Footing drains are designed to catch unwanted water from rising water tables. When installed correctly they will quickly remove water from your footings and foundation before it can penetrate into your basement. Over the years footing drains and foundation coatings will fail resulting in a complete replacement of your drainage system.



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When caught early enough damage to you home will be minimized. Water is the #1 most expensive costs every year due to the catastrophic nature that water can cause. It can range from a small leak (lots of times hidden behind walls for years) to major flooding. It creates toxic mold and mildew that can travel trough your entire home, rot wood and attract carpenter ants and termites, destroy your belongs,etc.........

How WMB Construction fixed the problem:

  • Excavated the old footing drains

  • Installed 30 feet of curtain drain

  • Installed approx. 40 tons of gravel

  • Installed filter fabric around gravel

  • Installed 4" PVC corrugated pipe for footing and curtain drains

  • Installed filter fabric sock over 4" schedule 40  corrugated pipe

  • Installed 4" PVC solid pipe for gutters to remove water away from foundation

  • Applied tar foundation coating on foundation walls

water damage basement ny


Poor footing drains will result in:

  • Loss of home value

  • Mold and mildew issues

  • Damage to your possessions

  • Constant flooding

  • Foundation deterioration

  • Allergies and respiratory ailments

  • Wet rotten wood that can attract carpenter ants and termites

125 resized 600


Adding a curtain drain also helps relieve a great deal of water off of the property. The idea is to try and catch some of the water before it reaches the footing drains.

Why would you need a curtain drain:

  • Excessive water effecting your footing drains

    Wet areas on your lawn where you need to transfer water

  • In ground gutter to remove water from your property

curtain french drain orange county ny


What you gain by using WMB Construction for your next footing drain project:

  • We supersede the competition by overdoing every project with extra material and labor that over qualifies with current codes

  • Work one job at a time so you can get back to your regular life

  • Experience in the trade

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Many homes new and old all have water issues. Instead of living with it, fix it! Some water issues can be so bad that your entire foundation could lose its integrity and collapse leaving you with thousands in repairs. 


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Just as an example, WMB Construction had to remove this damaged section of foundation due to water pressure buildup. Do you know that water pressure can reach 33,000 lbs. per square foot on your foundation walls? This could be enough to severely damage your foundation walls, as you can see!!

excavating orange county ny


WMB Drainage includes:

  • Footing drains

  • Curtain drains

  • Gutter drains

  • Sump pumps


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Basement might flood? How to prevent it from happening again.

Posted by william bateman on Sun, Mar 27, 2011 @ 11:05 AM

 Wet basements are always a concern no matter where you live. Basements are built below grade where there is always moisture. The idea is to have all your drainage components in order so that water stays outside of your home. Every year water damage ranges in the trillions and most insurance companies will not reimburse you for your losses. 

foundation basement ny

Causes for wet basement: 

  • * High Water Table: Rain, melting snow or underground springs will contribute to the water table rising around a home. This can result in a build-up of water pressure beneath the floor and against foundation walls.

  • * Hydrostatic Pressure: The higher the level of water around a home, the greater the pressure on the water to seek entry into the basement through cracks and crevices in walls and floors. Initially, this water may enter and rest only in the block or in the pores of the concrete. That's where damp walls and damp floors come from.

  • * Capillary Attraction: Whenever water contacts a porous surface like a concrete floor or wall, it's natural for the moisture to be soaked up like a sponge. The continuous pressure exerted from the outside causes the floors and walls to store water like a reservoir, ready to burst.

  • * Settlement: As the ground around a home settles, the foundation can shift or crack. The parging shield protecting the foundation can also crack and open, allowing water to flow into and beneath your walls and floor.

wet basements orange county ny


The idea is to remove water away from your homes foundation walls. The force of water build up can reach up to 33,000 pounds of pressure per square foot! Besides just having water enter your basement you are now effecting the integrity of your foundation.

Don't ignore the early signs before it's too late!!!

footing drains basement

  • Dampness

  • Mold, mildew and fungus

  • Musty odors

  • Allergies

  • Respiratory ailments

basements orange county ny

  • Loss of lime salt(white powder from walls)

  • Hairline cracks on foundation walls

  • Spots on foundation walls

  • Extreme dampness

dry basement orange county ny

  • Water on the floor

  • Water seepage during moderate rain

  • Basement floods during heavy rains

  • Electrical shock hazard

drainage excavating monroe ny

  • Walls start to shift and bow

  • Mud or clay silt may become visual

  • Foundation corner begin to shift and crack

  • Structual damage becomes visual

  • Your foundation is in serious trouble

basements monroe ny

  • Your foundation has reached it final level of stress

  • Your home might risk being condemned

  • The cost of repair is now astronomical

footing drains wet basement ny

Footing drains are your #1 component in relieving water from your foundation. Over the years your footing drains due to age and poor installation have lost their integrity. We see it all the time.

A damp leaky basement can cause:

  • Loss of property value

  • Damage to your personal goods

  • Rusting and corrosion of appliances

  • Peeling and cracking of paint

  • Warping of paneling

  • Electrical shock hazards

  • Respiratory and allergy ailments

  • Damage to furnace

curtain drain orange county ny


Keeping your basement dry should be a priority. The damage it can create to both your health and home can be devastating.

WMB Construction specializes in:

  • Footing drains

  • Curtain drains

  • Sump pumps

  • Foundation sealing

  • Gutter drainage


Click logo to schedule your estimate!

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Damage due to poor drainage

Posted by william bateman on Fri, Mar 04, 2011 @ 11:06 PM

The weight of water is one of natures biggest fears. It costs Americans trillions of dollars a year just in home damage. This doesn't even account for damage costs at sea. Lets face it, the force of water sank the titanic and thousands perished. What are the consequences you can face in your own home.

From a small town in Monroe, NY we have our fair share of bad weather. Surrounding us is the Tri-state region which includes NY, NJ and Connecticut. Unlike the rest of the country, we don't experience too many tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes. We do have the tendency to experience massive snowstorms and crippling rain in the spring. Now we have experienced a hurricane!!!



Major rains will bring your home devastating results like this without proper drainage. My own personal home experienced this last year after 3 feet of snow and a following of 4 inches of rain. I immediately came to the conclusion that my newly purchased home had inadequate footing drains. Within weeks I broke ground and started replacing the damaged drains.

drainage orange county ny


 This picture above shows a curtain drain being installed and tied into the footing drains already installed. The idea is to divert water away from you home before it can enter. Without installing the correct drainage components can create results you may never thought possible!!

greenwood drainage orange county

WMB Construction excavated this property in Monroe, NY for water issues due to poor footing drains. What we found on top of digging blew my mind. The actual weight of water and ice collapsed the infrastructure of the foundation leaving the homeowners bedroom upstairs unsafe. The foundation had pushed itself in 4-5 inches.monroe landscaping drainage


As it may be hard to see from the photo, the foundation was almost at the point of complete failure. Even my helper looks puzzled how it happened!lol

The biggest overlooks of drainage:

  • What you can't see, will not hurt you!(huge misconception)

  • Worry about it later!(do you know mold and mildew problems will make you home worthless?)

  • We'll worry about those expanding foundation cracks in the future.(these issues don't go away, only become worse.)

 greenwood orange county ny

 footing drains orange county

The results of poor footing drains

WMB Construction had to re support the upper level and remove the damaged areas of the foundation. All due to the strength and power of water!

How did we correct the problem?

  • We started by installing new block to match the existing wall structure.

  • Every row of block we installed "Durawall" reinforcement to ensure future strength

  • When block were installed to the existing grade we installed rebar through all the block.

  • Block holes were filled solid with 4,000 psi gravel mix cement to ensure no possible future movement of the wall.

  • Installed industry standard footing drain application.

 best mecahnical plumbing

e and d home improvements

Drainage is the #1 key in keeping your home dry and free of mold and mildew! What you can't see, will hurt you and your investment!

Drainage services:

  • Footing drains

  • Curtain drains

  • Sump pumps

  • Gutter drainage







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Five key drainage installations to eliminate your homes water issues

Posted by william bateman on Fri, Feb 25, 2011 @ 10:14 AM

Lots of water and no where for it to go. Water tables this time of year are at their capacity leaving water to seep into undesired areas. These areas usually consist of your homes basement. With improper drainage water cannot be diverted away from your home.

drainage greenwood excavating monroe


Tips for removing water away and out of your home:

  • Install a sump pump inside your basement. It is installed in the concrete floor to relieve aquastatic pressure before it can enter into your home.
  • Install french drains inside your basement. Drains are installed in the corner of the wall and floor. Usually installed due to failing footing drains.
  • All homes are installed with footing drains unless built on a slab. Over time, older footing drains fail due to products used years ago or poor installation. Footing drains are the number one factor for relieving water away from your home.
  • Install a curtain drain. Curtain drains help relieve water before it reaches your footing drains. Also good for wet areas of your property.
  • Divert gutter downspouts away from home.

greenwood excavating green meadows cb trucking

 The key to good drainage is a good installation. Most systems fail due to poor installation and a misunderstanding of how the system works. Water is one of natures greatest forces and costs homeowners and insurance companies trillions of dollars a year.

Key factors when installing footing drains:

  • Make sure before you dig, call! Have a markout done so you don't hit any underground lines.
  • Use a minimum 4" corrugated pipe.
  • Use more gravel than necessary. Gravel is natural drainage.
  • Install filter fabric around gravel.
  • Install filter fabric around corrugated pipe.
  • Use a good quality foundation coating.

greenwood green meadows albert group

 Curtain drains are a perfect way to relieve water away from your home or property. It works the same way as a footing drain and a lot of the time they are installed together. With both systems installed it cuts down your risk of water penetrating your home.

Why you might need a curtain drain:

  • Areas of your property are consistently wet
  • Water problems in your basement
  • Your soil has bad perculation

paul nebrasky best mechanical monroe ny

Sump pumps are an excellent way of keeping unwanted water out of your basement. Installed in your basement floor, sump pumps relieve water from aquastatic pressure. In some areas, water tables are always high. As the pressure builds, water will always go where there is the least resistance. This will be in the cracks of your floor or walls. A sump pump catches any unwanted water before it can penetrate  into your home.

greenwood green meadows monroe,ny

 Removing water away from your home is always a good idea. Gutter downspouts drain a massive amount of water from your roof. Installing a 4" pipe in the ground to divert the water elsewhere is an excellent investment.

What you gain by diverting water from your downspouts:

  • Less water to worry about penetrating your foundation.
  • Less mold and mildew issues next to your home.
  • Much cleaner appearance.


albert group green meadows excavating

 Water problems are always an issue. Fixing the problem is another issue. In the picture above you can easily see the high water table before we installed the curtain drain. Contact WMB Construction today for your next water issue.

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