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7 drainage systems to protect your home basement/property; Monroe, NY

Posted by william bateman on Mon, Dec 05, 2022 @ 05:53 PM




Every home across the country have footing drain systems that are located outside the home at the base of your homes exterior footing. Rain, melting snow and rising groundwater all lead to more moisture being stored in the soils that surround your homes foundation which can lead to more moisture being stored in the soils. If your drainage system isn't working properly and failing you run the risk of costly foundation problems and extensive water damage. As groundwater rises the hydrostatic pressure increases putting great strain on your foundations integrity. Hydrostatic pressure is the force created by standing or resting water. It is the constant force that water exerts on your basements walls. While hydrostatic pressure can come from runoff down a hill, most of the time, it comes from saturated soil around your homes foundation. Hydrostatic pressure may also appear in cracks in your basements floor as water tables rise especially after a winter of heavy snows followed by spring rains. There are a few main components to a dry basement that can be used together in coordination to maintain water infiltration.


7 Main components used when creating a dry basement and property:

  • Footing drains around the entire perimeter of home
  • Curtain drains may be installed on property to alleviate water before the home
  • Sump pumps preferably at the lowest side of your basements floor
  • French drains cut inside your foundation wall where meets the floor and drains to a sump pump system
  • Swales created to catch water before reaching your home
  • Extension of gutter downspouts away from you home
  • Installation of a dry well for excess water

Water is the cause for billions of dollars of damage each year across the country and with a good working drainage system in place hopefully damage can be avoided. Hydrostatic pressure can build up to 33,000 psi which can put a tremendous amount of strain on your homes structure. Throughout the year inspecting your foundation for evidence of water is essential in determining where it may be coming from. With a finished basement this will be a lot less evident to see and moisture being absorbed by sheetrock, wood and insulation behind the wall creating a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow rampant. Mold spores can be highly dangerous and create a toxic environment that can't be seen by the naked eye and cause many different health ailments.


Things to look for when determining you may have water:

  • Musty smell
  • Damp or wet walls(mostly noticeable on concrete and cinder block walls)
  • Wet in corner where foundation wall meets floor(most always a sign of failing footing drains)
  • Water coming through cracks of concrete floor
  • White residue on block walls which could indicate mold spores growing or could just be efflorescence
  • Cracks in foundation walls


 As noted before unseen water damage can created mold and mildew that grows rapidly that causes many different health ailments. These conditions usually go unseen and can cause a great deal of damage leaving your home unlivable and worthless without major mold remediation. Besides the potential structural damage to your foundation walls your quality of life could potentially be at stake.


Health ailments due to mold/mildew:

  • insomnia 
  • memory loss
  • trouble concentrating and confusion
  • numbness in extremities 
  • respiratory problems
  • fatigue 
  • allergic reactions(wheezing, runny nose, watery eyes, etc.)
  • asthma attacks
  • bronchitis 


This article wasn't made to scare you but to realize the importance of drainage around your home and the potential damages it can possibly cause mostly always unseen. A few different drainage systems working in coordination can hopefully eliminate the headaches. Once damage is done it can be very costly to reverse the damage water can do.

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Things to know about your septic system

Posted by william bateman on Thu, Feb 11, 2016 @ 05:15 PM

Septic systems are crucial part for containing the waste from your home properly. If your town is not connected to a public sewer you will definetly need a septic system. Proper design, engineering and professional installation by a quilified contractor is crucial when installing a new system. Something so simple as tank placement can be so crucial and installed wrong can fail the entire system.


What can go wrong with a poor installation?:


  • Waste line pitched wrong
  • Leech field pitched wrong
  • Not enough distribution boxes installed
  • Not enough drainage installed
  • Ground has bad perculation
  • Contractor doesn't install filter fabic
  • Horrific odors emitting from the ground



 Most homes in rural areas have septic systems to relieve the waste. Depending on your property, a proper location will be needed to determine the placement.


What needs to determined:

  • Where waste line exits the home
  • What elevation will the tank sit
  • What kind of dirt/clay/shale is on site
  • Size of home and water usage
  • Pick area with good sunlight to help with evaporation









.At the end of the day we all want peace in mind in all aspects of our lives. Choosing WMB CONSTRUCTION will make sure your system is installed correctly and give you many years of problem free use.


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WMB Construction bathroom remodel, attached slideshow

Posted by william bateman on Tue, Mar 01, 2011 @ 09:37 PM

Bathroom renovations are one of our favorite remodels performed. Average of one or two weeks, we can transform your once dispicatble room into a room of beauty and elegance. WMB Construction has been creating elegant products for many years now throughout Orange County, NY.

On a personal level, I experience that my wife enjoys a shower 3-4 times a day. The bathroom is an area of your home that is a necessity that cleans, relieves, prepares and relaxes you for the next day, morning or the night! Now on that note, I mostly notice that women have a stronger desire to enjoy the bathroom. Soft soaps, candles, bubble bath, make-up, etc.; it is a priority to relax and keep themselves moisturized and beautiful. 



best mechanical monroe ny construction


Now, male or female, who would want to take a bath in this tub? Just think of the mold, rust and mildew that has been growing in this tub.

In this situation what to do:

  • Call "Rebath" to cover up the mold and mildew
  • Try bleach and ammonia to kill the bacteria
  • Sell and take a huge loss

In this situation there is only one realistic solution in correcting the problem!


best mechanical monroe ny

 A full bathroom renovation increases the value and quality of your life!!

best mechanical monroe ny

 WMB CONSTRUCTION new tub install and recessed shelf constructed!

best mechanical kitchens bathrooms


Within a week to two, we will transform your bathroom!


construction creations


Ever think of a recessed shelf built into your wall?


e and d home improvements construction creations


In one to two weeks you can enjoy this!!!


best mechanical monroe kitchens bathrooms


A new bathroom renovation gains:

  • Added value to your home
  • Eliminate mold and mildew problems
  • Elevated mood in a clean enviroment
  • Less health issues due to allergies
  • New fixtures create a better atomosphere for less water issues

WMB Construction is your full phase construction company for any of your home improvements needs!

Enjoy our selected slideshow of our most recent bathroom renovation.

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Kitchen design ideas

Posted by william bateman on Fri, Jan 07, 2011 @ 09:57 PM

general contracting monroe ny



The kitchen area is probably where you spend the most time cooking and entertaining. Right? It is the focal point of your entire home. So with this in mind, why not make this your priority to ensure your guests or just your family will be impressed with a beautiful kitchen design.



 When you plan to remodel your kitchen you want to work with a professional company that can design you the kitchen of your dreams. A good company will supply you with kitchen design ideas to enhance the beauty of your new kitchen. Before the start of your kitchen you should be supplied with a 3-D image of the kitchens appearance before any work has been performed. With the 3-D images you can visualize walls removed, cabinets in different areas, different crown mouldings, islands, etc.

kraftmaid, construction creations

A quality cabinet company we like to work with is Kraftmaid. With over 40 years in the cabinet industry Kraftmaid takes pride in their hand made cabinets. They offer over 65 finishes, over 100 door styles and over 200 storage solutions.


general contractor harriman ny


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