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Decks are a very important feature of a home. Whether attached to your home, around a pool or built on the ground, a deck offers an added outdoor area to relax or entertain. With many decks built around Orange County, NY, at WMB Construction we pride ourselves with constructing products that are sturdy and up to building codes. On this page we are going to inform you on some of the building codes for a deck.  


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 Remember, we are based in NY so most national codes apply but any building inspector can oversee and change most any codes, so always check with your local inspector before performing any work.


Standard codes when building a deck:

  • Footings for deck must be  dug minimum 42" in the ground
  • Anchor clips installed on top of concrete footings
  • Copper or vinyl flashing must be used behind deck plate 
  • Floor joist shall be 16 O.C. and 12 O.C. if using composite
  • Stringers must sit on concrete pad, blocks, or a 2 x 12
  • Risers must not exceed 8 1/4" and all must be even
  • Treads must be minimum 9"
  • Opening between treads must not exceed 4"
  • Opening between railings and stringer must not exceed 6"
  • Joist hangers must be used on floor joists and attached to deck plate
  • Railing ballasters must not exceed 4" in width
  • Railing must be 3' minimum
  • Girder and post support must be installed
  • Diagonal braces under deck must be installed





Commonly asked questions:

  • How long will a pressure treated lumber deck last? We've seen decks that are 30-40 years old and still going. It all depends on mantainance of the deck. Different factors are involved to as to if deck is in the sun alot or always in a damp atmosphere. 
  • How long will it take to build a new deck? All depends on the shape and size but usually a week
  • How long does the concrete footing have to set up before building? By the next day we are ready to build 
  • Is composite decking warm to walk on in the summer? Yes, it can be. All depends on the color you pick, darker colors will always be hotter
  • Is composite decking slippery when wet? It can be. Most composites have a smooth side and a grainy side for traction
  • How long should i wait before staining my new pressure treated deck? Would give it a couple of months to dry out and get the moisture out of the wood




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Different types of material when constructing your deck:

  • Treated lumber

  • Composite

  • Cedar

  • Redwood

  • Different styles of railings





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WMB Construction deck services:

  • Off house deck installs

  • Around pool deck installs

  • Deck refacing(save your existing structure and install new decking and railings

  • Deck repair

  • Deck violations repair

  • Stair construction

  • Oil and latex stain applications

  • Powerwashing