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The ins and outs (no pun intended) to egress windows, all you need to know in one convienient place.

Egress windows should be installed in every basement to protect you and your loved ones in case of emergency. Installed through your concrete wall, egress windows provide a fire escape and also bring in more light and ventilation to your basement. If your basement is finished, you are required by building enforcers to have a egress window by national code if there is no door or window of the required dimensions leading outside. William M. Bateman specializes in egress window installation.




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Things you should know about egress windows:


  • Window must be minimum opening area of 5.7 square ft
  • Window must open minimum 20" net clear 
  • Window well must be minimum 9 square feet inside dimensions
  • Minimum opening height must be 24"
  • Sill height of of inside of window from basement floor shall not exceed 44"
  • Inside height of window well shall not exceed 44"
  • If heights exceed 44", a ladder will be needed to be installed
  • Window must be openable without keys or tools
  • Exit through a garage is not a legal exit




Benifits of adding an egress window:

  • First off, safety for your loved ones in case of a tragic fire
  • Added ventilation which is a real benefit because many basements hold moisture in
  • Added natural lighting which can benefit any basement
  • In the event basement has not been finished yet, an egress window can offer an easy way to get materials in and out
  • Added value to your home 
  • Most of all it keeps your home up to current codes and if you are looking to sell it is very imortant to get one installed ahead of time due to the fact it will hold up your closing indefinitely and will cost you way more in the long run



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How to get a price online?

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Commonly asked questions:


  • How long does it take for the work to be performed? On an average 2-5 days from start to finish
  • Will there be any dust? Yes, with any construction there will be some dust but we do all the cutting from outside and have a system that keeps dust inside your home to minimum
  • What if there are any water/gas/electrical lines in the wall? We will move at an addition cost. Unfortunately we cannot determine that until wall has been opened
  • Will not having one hold up the selling of my home at closing? Absolutely, we see it all the time and most of our calls for an egress window come in because homeowner is in violation.
  • What will you do with extra dirt after digging? Most often customer has a place on property to spread it, if not we offer haul off 
  • How long does it take to get a permit? That depends on your building department and how busy they are. We have had one issued in a day and sometimes a month. Also depends on if they want drawings or not by a architect/engineer
  • Will adding a egress window add value to my home? Think any upgrade to your home will add value. Just light, ventilation and safety alone is worth it.
  • What kind of window will you be using? Most commonly we use an Anderson 400 series casement window with a 22" opening when fully extended








Problems we have faced when building department finds out that your basement is illegal:

  • A engineer/architect may be needed to process a drawing to spec of the basement
  • Contractor will be needed to supply insurance documentation and drawing of his work to be performed for window installation 
  • Most new work, permit fees are 1.5% the cost of the job. If work is performed after you will pay 3% the cost of the job, so double the amount
  • Permits and inspections get held up resulting in longer than usual closing dates
  • In an illegal basement electrical inspections are almost always required to bring basement up to code.





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