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5 Benefits and 7 key components to a new roof installation of your home

Posted by william bateman on Tue, Dec 13, 2022 @ 09:13 AM

Your home is most likely your largest investment in life. Protecting it from the harsh elements we experience is essential for maintaining and adding value to your home. Water damage is the cause for billions of dollars in damage every year and can be avoided with a professional roof installation. Here in Orange County, NY we experience severe weather at times from severe thunderstorms and occasional hurricanes to crippling snowstorms. Having a good roof protects you and your family during these events. Heavy winter snows followed by heavy spring rains doubles the amounts of water that has the high potential of water infiltration into your homes roof. Ice damming can also occur with higher temperatures melting snow followed by freezing at gutter line causing water backup. On another note, keep in mind water can buildup around your basement foundation walls from these weather events causing flooding and structural damage if your footing drains are failing.


5 Benefits of a new roof installation:

  • You and your loved ones protected from the harsh elements
  • Eliminating possible water infiltration that can water damage
  • Perfect time to check gutters and downspouts for functionality or add gutter system 
  • Eliminate hazardous health ailments from the growth of mold and mildew caused by water infilitation
  • Add value to your home along with stunning appearance with new 30 year architectural shingles

There is more to your homes roof than just the appearance. What's underneath that you don't see is crucial for the longevity of your roof. Few different components are necessary when installing a new roof and when all used in conjunction with each other help create an efficiently controlled environment for your homes roof and attic.


The two factors to deal with in any home is a battle between moisture and heat. Keeping air flow is crucial to maintaining a controlled environment in your attic allowing it to breathe. Not only will proper ventilation give your longer life out of your new roof installation it can make your home more efficient cutting down of heating and cooling costs.

5 key components when installing a new roof:

  • Aluminum drip edge around perimeter of roof to shed water away and prevent capillary action
  • Installation of ridge vents to expel heat from attic
  • Installation of ice and water shield minimum 3 ft up from roofs end(if roof has overhang 3 ft in from interior wall) in valleys and around chimneys and flashings
  • Installation of felt paper or equivalent vapor barrier on rest of roof deck 
  • Attic fan to remove heat from attic during the hot summer days
  • Soffit vents are beneficial in moving more fresh air through your attic
  • Gable vents are also beneficial in moving air in and out of your attics upper atmosphere 

Most newer homes may already have these components in place as compared to older homes. Not all homes may be a candidate for all these installations but all homes a ridge vent can be easily installed when installing a new roof. Keep in mind that flat roofs and cathedral ceilings drastically cut down on ventilation and air flow sometimes cutting roof life in half. Styrofoam baffles may be installed in between rafters and insulation from the inside increasing air flow but this would most likely be install during new construction or renovation.

Most new roof installations can be installed in one day depending on the size and condition. Roof is first stripped and inspected for any damages that may have occurred and replaced if necessary before underlayment and shingles are installed. Property is cleaned of any debris and removed to an approved landfill facility for proper disposal. A good roof installation will give you years of functionality and peace in mind against one of natures strongest forces, WATER!!!!

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5 main drainage components to protect your home and property in Orange County, NY

Posted by william bateman on Wed, Dec 07, 2022 @ 12:07 PM

We are here today to go over your home and property drainage components. Most of us with homes have experienced some kind of water issues whether it may be a roof, leaky faucet or toilet, water heater, roof, etc..... but wanna focus on basements and outside ground water that can potentially infiltrate your home and cause immense damage to your homes structures and valuables you may have inside. Water damage is responsible for billions of dollars a year in damages that can cause a great number of issues not only to your homes structure but can potentially create hazardous environments that affect your health. May seem extreme but most of the time, especially if your basement is finished, you cannot tell you have water damage until the damage has been done. Another factor is if your basement is fully underground surrounded by saturated soils you may have a higher risk of water and/or water permeation.


Damage like this is quite common in basements with insufficient drainage. In a finished basement the damage would be hidden behind your walls creating mold and mildew not only to the foundation walls but your sheetrock, insulation and wall studs. Cement and cinder block foundations are the most susceptible due to their porous nature as poured foundations are far less porous not allowing water to permeate as easily. Evidence of water damage on the walls is more likely associated with runoff water that saturates the soil and infiltrates through walls due to failing exterior foundation coating. Evidence of water and/or moisture in the corners of foundation walls where meets concrete floor is evident your footing drains have failed and ground water has created hydrostatic pressure from rising water tables. Footing drains are your homes main drainage component to remove water from your footings and foundation walls. Failing footing drains largely increases the risk of water infiltration and structural damage to your foundations integrity due to water pressure buildup. Damaging water can reach as high as 33,000 psi causing great strain.


As water tables rise from the ground combined with water runoff the force of pressure can be crucifying to your foundations structure resulting in complete failure requiring replacement which can be very costly. Block and cinder block walls are more susceptible to failure and have less integrity than a poured foundation but both run the risk of damage. Common components can help relieve your water issues and when used in conjunction can greater lower your risks.

5 Key drainage components to protect your home and property:

  • Footing drains
  • Curtain drains
  • Sump pump
  • Extending downspouts away from home preferably underground if possible
  • Create a swale to catch runoff on your property 

You may not need all components considering your properties grades and depending on the perc of your grounds soil. First you will have to indicate where the source of water and/or moisture is coming from. Once indication is made then you can come up with a solution. Like noted previously, finished basements may be harder to spot where water and/or moisture has infiltrated as its hidden behind walls and/or flooring.


7 signs to look for in a potentially wet/moist basement:

  • Wet or moist walls
  • Water or moisture in corner of foundation walls where meets concrete floor
  • Water pooling and collecting outside of foundation from gutter downspouts 
  • Any basement window wells that may not drain properly during heavy rains
  • Musky smell in basement
  • Wet or damn carpet and/or warping wood/composite floors
  • Pooling water and/or grade of property sloping towards home
  • Visible water and/or moisture in any cracks of foundation walls or floors

Sump pumps can be a great drainage application to relieve ground water from hydrostatic pressure under the concrete slab of your basement floor. These are installed by cutting open concrete floor preferably at the lowest point of basements floor and installing a permeable catch basin with sump pump that drains to the exterior of your home. As water tables rise water will most likely go to the point of least resistance into the basin and removed outside quickly. Also to keep in mind when installing they run off electric and many times when needed the most during inclement weather electric goes out leaving pump useless. A battery backup is recommended in to avoid a foreseeable issue.


When its comes to your property itself you must determine if you have water issues surrounding your home. Low spots and wet marshy areas are a good indicator of water issues. Some may not effect your home at all beside just creating marshy wet areas but when drastic slopes cause runoff towards your home or low areas of water that pools near foundation these can be potential problems. Curtain drains are a great application for removing unwanted water on your property. Essentially curtain drains are in ground gutter systems that efficiently move water from one area of your property to another area away from the home. 


Wet marshy areas around property can also be contained building a swale. A swale is essentially another gutter type system dug into the ground to catch water runoff. Usually installed when you have a grade coming off a hill and to divert water. This system does not use a pipe, just an angled hole for water to catch and divert. You can also install filter fabric and river rock to your swale.

After going over the few components of drainage the idea is to identify if you you have a water problem and if so then where. Once determining where, then you can come up with a solution to address the issue involved. Like noted all applications may not be for your home and property and must be assessed to see what application is needed. Footing drains on the other hand are on every home built and is a national code requirement. Water must be removed from foundation walls and foundation walls must be sealed from the exterior, Proper installation always requires an adequate amount of aggregate usually a 3/4" gravel around a 4" corrugated pipe in conjunction with filter fabric for a properly functioning footing drain system and maintain longevity to keep water flowing away from foundation for years to come.

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Bi-Levels and their benefits/remodeling

Posted by Bill Bateman on Mon, Aug 07, 2017 @ 02:13 PM

                                                     William M. Bateman



There are many different and types and styles of homes around the world that we all as humans need for survival. Centuries ago the home has evolved from a simple tent, cave, log cabin...... into the modern homes of today with all the ammenities necessary for comfortable living. One of the most genius and popular designs is the Bi-Level home. Its a design that became mostly popular in the 1960's and continues to this day to offer good square footage for comfortable living under a simple and practical design.  


Why Bi-Levels are so popular:

  • Constructed easily on one square foundation
  • One standard roof line
  • Mostly one interior plumbing wall for all waste lines
  • Standard straight gutters
  • Two floors on top of each other for perfect economic heat exchange throughout house
  • Fits on a small building lot
  • Good square footage
  • Garage space
  • Most have 2-3 bathrroms for larger families
  • Plenty of space for laundry room
  • Back deck for relaxing or entertaining
  • Easy floor plan to clean



Bi-Levels offer so many different qualities in a small package that most homes do not. Bigger isn't always better and you want to enjoy your home and family while not having it consume your life with constant cleaning and maintainance. There are many different remodeling options as well with Bi-Levels that can set yours apart from the rest and make it younique.





Bi-Level remodel options:


In the photo above we removed wall in between kitchen and living/dining room area. It instantly created an open floor plan with a more pleasing appeal. These walls removed are usually weight bearing so we had to add extra support in the ceiling to ensure the integrity of the homes weight load, especially in the winter months with heavy snow on your roof.


What we added from this upgrade:

  • An open floor plan
  • Increased airflow
  • More sitting/entertaining area
  • Added lighting
  • Custom oak top
  • New countertop and sink
  • Tile backsplash



In this photo above we added a fully maintainance free composite deck to replace the smaller old pressure treated deck. Composite decks add a little more money to a deck project over your tradition pressure treated lumber deck but in the long run add low maintainance and adds value to your home instantly. With that being said, pressure treated decks have been around for years and are tried and true. You can easily expect 30 years with the proper maintainance of apply stain every few years.





There are many different options for your home to make it the home of your dream and WMB Construction out of Orange County, NY can make those dreams become a reality. With over 30 years in the business we have the ideas and foresight to turn your Bi-Level into your own creation under one small roof.



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Whats really behind your bathroom walls

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Mar 26, 2011 @ 10:29 AM

Your bathroom is old and outdated? You might be thinking about a quick sale or a quick fix? The thought about price and upsetting your home has you considering a quick fix? A quick fix isn't always the answer and you might just be throwing your money down the drain. You might want to consider a full bathroom remodel that will add more value to your home and more peace in mind that all mold and mildew has been removed. Within 1-2 weeks you will have the bathroom of your dreams!!

rebath bathroom remodel

Many franchise companies promise to reface your bathroom by covering up your old tub and shower walls. In the picture above, Rebath came for an estimate to put a cover over this old deteriorated tub. Thats like putting a cap over a rotten tooth!

Top reasons not to use franchise bath covering companies:

  • Mold and mildew will be trapped and left to keep growing inside your walls and floors

  • Any rotted wall studs and/or flooring cannot be detected and will just be covered

  • Walls will eventually start to come loose as the adhesive breaks down

  • Rebath is not cheap! It is probably the most expensive recycled plastic out there! 

  • The end result is always a cheap look. You can spot a Rebath install a mile away

  • Tubs and shower bases become smaller after capping

rebath bathroom orange county ny

This is a before and after picture of a franchise company installation. I can see why people would like the idea because it gives instant gratification but most people aren't aware of the downfalls.

Besides appearance, what you don't see:

  • Ceramic tile almost always has a glossy surface. Even the best adhesives have a hard time staying adhered. The walls will eventually start to pop off.

  • New divertor was changed from a three hand diverter to a single hand diverter. Thats fine, the only difference is that it should have been moved up another foot minimum. As water hits your body it will tranfer onto the diverter at the lower height and eventually penetrate into your wall creating mold and mildew.

  • The new drain was installed with a pop up. Your trip lever was discontinued and now if you want to take a bath you must push down on the drain. The only problem with this is that your old drain had a strainer cover on it for catching hair and other debris from entering your drainage system. Now your drain is wide open so look for major issues down the road.

  • Notice you have lost any shelving and soap dish. They may equip you with a cheap built in shelf.

  • The rest of your bathroom is still old and outdated so now you will still have to upgrade all the contents.

bathrooms orange county monroe ny

Here is another franchise companies cover up job. Makes you cringe to think all that mold, mildew and bacteria is still living under your new tub. Don't be fooled, these installations are nothing more than a quick cover up job.

Benefits of a full bathroom remodel:

  • All of your old moldy and mildew contents are removed down to the studs

  • New fiberglass insulation is installed and brought up to current R-values

  • All your plumbing valves are changed inside the walls

  • Electrical is updated and extra lighting can be installed

  • Shower area walls, cement board will be installed and new moisture resistant sheetrock on the rest of the walls and ceiling of bathroom

  • Opportunity to add in wall shelves or recessed vanity

  • Freshly painted walls

  • Opportunity to notice any unseen problems

Newly renovated bathroom with WMB Construction

 orange county bathroom remodel ny

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Great remodel ideas for your Bi-Level

Posted by Bill Bateman on Sun, Jan 23, 2011 @ 10:58 AM


Bi-levels and split level ranches are a very popular homes that took on a very economical floor plan that transfered rising heat from the lower floors to the upstairs. The layout was such a great design that they could be seen all over the country. The only problem was that the walls were always very confining leaving it not to be unique to more modern homes. The kitchens of Bi-levels/split levels leave you closely distant from the kitchen to the living room and dining room.





bilevel kitchen remodel ny 10950





We find that most Bi-level kitchens are:

  • Uninviting

  • Closed off from the rest of the rooms in your home

  • Have poor cross air ventilation when windows are opened

  • Have less natural light flow

  • Is harder for heat/air conditioning air flow to maintain a steady temperature








These photos were taken from a recent remodel where we removed half the wall, constructed a oak countertop and added lights. You can easily see without a before picture what a difference an open floor plan makes. We also added a quick upgrade to the kitchen with new handles, countertop, sink/faucet, floor and tile backsplash. It is obviously the most dramatic renovation you can perform to your kitchen/dining room to create an open enviroment for your home. 



Benefits to an open kitchen floor plan:

  • Creates an instant modern look to your home.

  • Cross ventilation when windows are open.

  • A full view of your beautiful kitchen.

  • Added value to your home. Open floor plans sell.

  • Added entertaining  area. More seating plus easier communicating with all of your guests.

  • Ability to supervise your children while in the kitchen.

  • Heat and/or air conditioning temperatures are more consistent and stable with an open floor plan.

  • Watch your favorite television shows from kitchen while preparing meals.





wmb conctruction,remodel


Let WMB Construction perform your next remodel.

 home improvement contractor chester ny 10950










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GAF roofing? 5 Key factors to success.

Posted by william bateman on Tue, Nov 30, 2010 @ 08:03 PM


Across the United States the three tab shingle has widely been replaced with architectual shingles which offers a better look to your home as well as many more features. Call wmbconstruction for your next roofing project.


Five key factors you should know:


  • Architectual shingles carry a standard 30 yr. life span which can be upgraded to 50 yr. as opposed to a 20-30 year life span.
  • Architectual shingles have higher wind ratings which means less to no more blow offs.
  • Quality starts under your shingles. The first part of your roof that is extremely important and commonly overseen is aluminum dripedge. Aluminum dripedge is installed around the entire perimeter of the roof to eliminate capillary action of water coming back up into your house.
  • Next is ice dam material which is installed along lower edges of your home and three feet up to prevent winters harshest toll on a roof, ice damming. Ice damming is when snow begins to melt on your roof over the heated sections of your roof, when it hits the unheated sections(soffit area)it begins to freeze causing water back-ups back inside your home. Ice dam material greatly reduces the possibilities of this occurance.
  • For the longevity of your roof, ventilation is key. There are three factors in roof ventilation; gable vents, soffit vents, and ridge vents. With all three vents installed you will have the necessary airflow in your attic to get the most years.hudson valley remodelers


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