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Vinyl siding remodel

Posted by william bateman on Wed, Apr 06, 2011 @ 09:30 PM

You may be interested in enhancing the exterior of your home and vinyl siding is the first thing that comes to mind. Vinyl siding offers your home a complete transformation in a matter of weeks. With a variety of colors and styles available on the market the options become endless. With the wrong installation the problems can be endless too!

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Vinyl siding benefits:

  • Instant added value to your home

  • Maintenance free home

  • Added insulating values

  • Home protected from the elements

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Installing vinyl siding should be left in the hands of a professional. Poor installations can leave you with thousands of dollars in damage. The sad part is that most customers are unaware what is right and what is wrong. In the end the customer will suffer.

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Problems due to poor installations:

  • Water damage

  • Dry rot

  • Termites

  • Carpenter ants

  • Blown off siding

  • Buckled siding

The #1 problem in a poor siding job is overlooking flashing. A good contractor will foresee any water issues and correct the problem before it is a problem. I have seen it way too often when flashing was install incorrectly. Nobody will see the results until the real damage has been done.

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A quality siding job consists of:

  • Removal of old siding to expose any damage and ensure proper nailing of new siding

  • Tyvek paper and/or styrofoam instalation

  • Proper flashing installation

  • Good quality vinyl siding that carries wind ratings and a thick mil rating

  • Quality aluminum bending that leaves no open voids for water penetration.

  • Quality caulking. Leave caulking to a minimum and where necessary be clean and neat. All caulking will eventually shrink and discolor.

  • Pressure bends on aluminum facias will strenghten and help eliminate wavy facias.

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 Make your home transform into the home of your dreams!!!

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Enhance your outdoor oasis with a pool house

Posted by william bateman on Fri, Apr 01, 2011 @ 06:34 PM

Pools are always an excellent choice to spruce up your backyard and create that perfect oasis without traveling. Great for that quick cool down or the perfect entertainment for children and company. With your pool installed you have now created the enviroment you have always been looking for!

pool house construction monroe ny

Can you imagine making your perfect atmoshpere even more perfect? How about adding a pool house?

Adding a pool house offers:

  • Added entertainment area

  • Option for outdoor kitchen

  • Hide ugly filter and pump equipment

  • Option of shower area

  • Keep food and drink area close to pool

  • Store pool maitenance equipment hidden close to pool area

  • Added value to your property

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This was the start of a pool house in Monroe, NY. The foundation consisted of two concrete floating slabs with one coarse of 8" block. You can see all the plumbing installed in the concrete by Albert Group Leisure Pools.

carpentry monroe orange county ny


The framing is  near completion and ready for windows and siding. Frame construction was built with all top grade lumber and sheathing is plywood, not OSB. The design of this pool house is great because it contains two separate pool houses that connect. One room is for pool equipment storage and the other for a future shower and/or added storage. The middle section has been plumbed and electric set for an outdoor kitchen.

pool house purgula monroe ny


A pergola was added to the pool house which really enhanced the appearance overall. Custom built with pressure treated lumber, far more strength and integrity than any presold vinyl units.

pergula construction orange county ny


 Pergola benefits:

  • Filters sun

  • Unmatched appearance to any project

  • Added value

  • Creates a dining or relaxation area

pool house remodel ny


The pool house completed this entire project! The customer couldn't imagine not having one. "The added entertainment area and the beauty the pool house added is uncomparable!" the customer quoted!

When creating your outdoor oasis, think about adding a very important feature to you project! A pool house will be an excellent investment!

albert group leisure pools

And to think it all started with this!!! For your next pool contact Albert Group Leisure Pools!

Click on our logo to schedule an estimate for a beautiful pool house creation!!

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Basement might flood? How to prevent it from happening again.

Posted by william bateman on Sun, Mar 27, 2011 @ 11:05 AM

 Wet basements are always a concern no matter where you live. Basements are built below grade where there is always moisture. The idea is to have all your drainage components in order so that water stays outside of your home. Every year water damage ranges in the trillions and most insurance companies will not reimburse you for your losses. 

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Causes for wet basement: 

  • * High Water Table: Rain, melting snow or underground springs will contribute to the water table rising around a home. This can result in a build-up of water pressure beneath the floor and against foundation walls.

  • * Hydrostatic Pressure: The higher the level of water around a home, the greater the pressure on the water to seek entry into the basement through cracks and crevices in walls and floors. Initially, this water may enter and rest only in the block or in the pores of the concrete. That's where damp walls and damp floors come from.

  • * Capillary Attraction: Whenever water contacts a porous surface like a concrete floor or wall, it's natural for the moisture to be soaked up like a sponge. The continuous pressure exerted from the outside causes the floors and walls to store water like a reservoir, ready to burst.

  • * Settlement: As the ground around a home settles, the foundation can shift or crack. The parging shield protecting the foundation can also crack and open, allowing water to flow into and beneath your walls and floor.

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The idea is to remove water away from your homes foundation walls. The force of water build up can reach up to 33,000 pounds of pressure per square foot! Besides just having water enter your basement you are now effecting the integrity of your foundation.

Don't ignore the early signs before it's too late!!!

footing drains basement

  • Dampness

  • Mold, mildew and fungus

  • Musty odors

  • Allergies

  • Respiratory ailments

basements orange county ny

  • Loss of lime salt(white powder from walls)

  • Hairline cracks on foundation walls

  • Spots on foundation walls

  • Extreme dampness

dry basement orange county ny

  • Water on the floor

  • Water seepage during moderate rain

  • Basement floods during heavy rains

  • Electrical shock hazard

drainage excavating monroe ny

  • Walls start to shift and bow

  • Mud or clay silt may become visual

  • Foundation corner begin to shift and crack

  • Structual damage becomes visual

  • Your foundation is in serious trouble

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  • Your foundation has reached it final level of stress

  • Your home might risk being condemned

  • The cost of repair is now astronomical

footing drains wet basement ny

Footing drains are your #1 component in relieving water from your foundation. Over the years your footing drains due to age and poor installation have lost their integrity. We see it all the time.

A damp leaky basement can cause:

  • Loss of property value

  • Damage to your personal goods

  • Rusting and corrosion of appliances

  • Peeling and cracking of paint

  • Warping of paneling

  • Electrical shock hazards

  • Respiratory and allergy ailments

  • Damage to furnace

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Keeping your basement dry should be a priority. The damage it can create to both your health and home can be devastating.

WMB Construction specializes in:

  • Footing drains

  • Curtain drains

  • Sump pumps

  • Foundation sealing

  • Gutter drainage


Click logo to schedule your estimate!

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Additions and the added value to your home

Posted by william bateman on Mon, Mar 21, 2011 @ 09:37 PM

You may have purchased your dream home a couple of years ago or maybe many years ago. The home you purchased was ideal at the time but you never thought about what the future could hold. Times change and so do families. Adding children to your family or maybe bringing your elderly parents into your home, you will require extra space. An extension and/or addition is the perfect anwser! e and d home improvements monroe ny

Five key reasons to add an extension on your home:

  • Instant added value to your home
  • More square footage
  • Improve, don't move! You like your location and just the thought and aggrevation of moving will give you a headache.
  • Parents/inlaws need a place to stay. Create a mother/daughter apartment off your home for the ones who gave you a home as a child.
  • Your home has taken on more children. Create that extra playroom or bedroom!

 e and d home improvements additions

 additions orange county ny

Even a small addition has a huge impact on a home. Added square footage always makes a huge difference in the quality of living. I personally enjoy building additions here in Orange County, NY and enjoy the customers faces when we have completed their project. From start to finish, an addition project is always a satisfaction for both customer and contractor!

e and d home improvements decks

WMB Construction addition line offers:

  • Full addtions
  • Full rooms above garages
  • Finished basements
  • Garage extensions

house addition monroe ny

To schedule Your FREE estimate for your next addition or renovation Click HERE!

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Damage due to poor drainage

Posted by william bateman on Fri, Mar 04, 2011 @ 11:06 PM

The weight of water is one of natures biggest fears. It costs Americans trillions of dollars a year just in home damage. This doesn't even account for damage costs at sea. Lets face it, the force of water sank the titanic and thousands perished. What are the consequences you can face in your own home.

From a small town in Monroe, NY we have our fair share of bad weather. Surrounding us is the Tri-state region which includes NY, NJ and Connecticut. Unlike the rest of the country, we don't experience too many tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes. We do have the tendency to experience massive snowstorms and crippling rain in the spring. Now we have experienced a hurricane!!!



Major rains will bring your home devastating results like this without proper drainage. My own personal home experienced this last year after 3 feet of snow and a following of 4 inches of rain. I immediately came to the conclusion that my newly purchased home had inadequate footing drains. Within weeks I broke ground and started replacing the damaged drains.

drainage orange county ny


 This picture above shows a curtain drain being installed and tied into the footing drains already installed. The idea is to divert water away from you home before it can enter. Without installing the correct drainage components can create results you may never thought possible!!

greenwood drainage orange county

WMB Construction excavated this property in Monroe, NY for water issues due to poor footing drains. What we found on top of digging blew my mind. The actual weight of water and ice collapsed the infrastructure of the foundation leaving the homeowners bedroom upstairs unsafe. The foundation had pushed itself in 4-5 inches.monroe landscaping drainage


As it may be hard to see from the photo, the foundation was almost at the point of complete failure. Even my helper looks puzzled how it happened!lol

The biggest overlooks of drainage:

  • What you can't see, will not hurt you!(huge misconception)

  • Worry about it later!(do you know mold and mildew problems will make you home worthless?)

  • We'll worry about those expanding foundation cracks in the future.(these issues don't go away, only become worse.)

 greenwood orange county ny

 footing drains orange county

The results of poor footing drains

WMB Construction had to re support the upper level and remove the damaged areas of the foundation. All due to the strength and power of water!

How did we correct the problem?

  • We started by installing new block to match the existing wall structure.

  • Every row of block we installed "Durawall" reinforcement to ensure future strength

  • When block were installed to the existing grade we installed rebar through all the block.

  • Block holes were filled solid with 4,000 psi gravel mix cement to ensure no possible future movement of the wall.

  • Installed industry standard footing drain application.

 best mecahnical plumbing

e and d home improvements

Drainage is the #1 key in keeping your home dry and free of mold and mildew! What you can't see, will hurt you and your investment!

Drainage services:

  • Footing drains

  • Curtain drains

  • Sump pumps

  • Gutter drainage







 william m bateman construction monroe ny



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WMB Construction bathroom remodel, attached slideshow

Posted by william bateman on Tue, Mar 01, 2011 @ 09:37 PM

Bathroom renovations are one of our favorite remodels performed. Average of one or two weeks, we can transform your once dispicatble room into a room of beauty and elegance. WMB Construction has been creating elegant products for many years now throughout Orange County, NY.

On a personal level, I experience that my wife enjoys a shower 3-4 times a day. The bathroom is an area of your home that is a necessity that cleans, relieves, prepares and relaxes you for the next day, morning or the night! Now on that note, I mostly notice that women have a stronger desire to enjoy the bathroom. Soft soaps, candles, bubble bath, make-up, etc.; it is a priority to relax and keep themselves moisturized and beautiful. 



best mechanical monroe ny construction


Now, male or female, who would want to take a bath in this tub? Just think of the mold, rust and mildew that has been growing in this tub.

In this situation what to do:

  • Call "Rebath" to cover up the mold and mildew
  • Try bleach and ammonia to kill the bacteria
  • Sell and take a huge loss

In this situation there is only one realistic solution in correcting the problem!


best mechanical monroe ny

 A full bathroom renovation increases the value and quality of your life!!

best mechanical monroe ny

 WMB CONSTRUCTION new tub install and recessed shelf constructed!

best mechanical kitchens bathrooms


Within a week to two, we will transform your bathroom!


construction creations


Ever think of a recessed shelf built into your wall?


e and d home improvements construction creations


In one to two weeks you can enjoy this!!!


best mechanical monroe kitchens bathrooms


A new bathroom renovation gains:

  • Added value to your home
  • Eliminate mold and mildew problems
  • Elevated mood in a clean enviroment
  • Less health issues due to allergies
  • New fixtures create a better atomosphere for less water issues

WMB Construction is your full phase construction company for any of your home improvements needs!

Enjoy our selected slideshow of our most recent bathroom renovation.

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Tips when choosing a home improvement contractor

Posted by william bateman on Fri, Feb 18, 2011 @ 09:14 AM

You are looking to improve and spruce up your home. Looking for a qualified contractor you can trust can be a little discouraging and where do you start? You might look in the phonebook, a wall ad, internet or maybe a reference from your neighbor. All good ways to start but you never know who you are hiring. I always find word of mouth is the best reference. A contractor that has been tried and true is your best bet. I receive 95 percent of my referrals by word of mouth. A chance to see a contractors craftsmanship and hear about his professionalism is worth everything compared to a paid ad.


vini fini construction monroe ny


I have been working in the construction industry my entire life and have experienced hundreds of so called contractors come and go over the years. The biggest problems within the industry is the quick availability to start a business. A hammer and a pickup truck, and you are in business. No real experience and no insurance leaves an established contractor hard to compete with fly by night contractors. They are a dime a dozen and believe me, they will not be around if your project fails.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have seen many companies  come in strong with equipment and advertisement. They appear to be the perfect company but really do your research here. Most of the time the boss has little to no experience in the field and relies on his hired help to complete projects for him. He will sell you the job, get you to sign the contract and you will almost never see him again throughout the project.

What to look for when hiring a home improvement contractor:

  • Established name within the area

  • References of work performed

  • Owner/Operator

  • Knowledge in all fields of the trade

  • Neat and clean


 When working in a customers home you must realize you are a guest. Cleanliness is key when working inside of a home. Dropclothes must be placed everyday before any work is performed to protect floors and contents of home from dirt and dust.

william m bateman monroe ny

Concerns you might have when calling a home improvements contractor:

  • Your contractor did not return your call immediately. This is not a bad thing.A contractor that can call and meet with you immediately probably has no work and is sitting by the phone waiting for your phone call. You should expect at least 48 hours for a response especially during the busy season. Understand that a reputable contractor has a busy schedule  performing the work, estimates, phonecalls and paperwork.

  • You have made a appointment with your contractor for an estimate and he comes late or not at all. This is not a good thing. If your contractor cannot keep his appointment, what will his schedule be with your project? If he is running late or has to reschedule you should expect a phone call.

  • Your contractor keeps referring to "his guys" or "his crew". Who are these guys/crew? This could be good or bad. If the contractor works with good mechanics it could be good. Unfortunately most of the time his guys/crew are the helpers he drops off in the morning and picks up at the end of the day. I like to refer to them as Hollywood Contractors who don't want to get dirty and play the role of a successful business owner. Remember, you hire a contractor for their professional craftsmanship, not just to draw up a contract and taxi helpers around.


e and d home improvements

William M. Bateman ensures quality, hands on, Owner/Operatored craftsmanship with every job performed. We deal with one job and one customer at a time allowing undivided attention to your next remodeling project!


contractor monroe ny




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The beauty crown moulding adds to your home

Posted by william bateman on Sun, Feb 13, 2011 @ 09:38 AM

Your house can easily be enhanced by installing crown moulding. Crown moulding quickly adds elegance and beauty to any room of your house. In fact, when purchasing my own personal home, crown moulding was the first remodel I performed. The cost of installing was nominal to the appearance and transformation it made to the room(s).


e and d home improvements monroe ny

In this photo we installed 5 1/2" crown moulding in the kitchen and throughout the living room.

Crown moulding also greatly enhances:ray davis home improvements otisville

  • Kitchen cabinets.
  • Mantles
  • Bookcases
  • Wall shelves
  • Window treatments




Crown moulding comes in many different sizes and many different styles to pick from. You also have the option to pick a different species of wood or you might prefer the painted look. You just need to pick the right combination for the room you are decorating.

e and d home improvements monroe ny

 In this photo the room was decorated with painted crown moulding. You can easily see the richness and value that was added by installing crown moulding.

If planning to install yourself or hire a carpenter, keep in mind that crown moulding can be very tricky to install. A professional carpenter will be able to tackle the job with little to no waste and understand how to make tight mitres even in the most crooked of homes. Ask for references to ensure you have a qualified carpenter because I have seen many carpenters that claim to know how to install crown moulding and completely ruin the entire project.

e and d home improvements monroe ny

Let WMB Construction enhance your home with a crown moulding upgrade!!


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Bathroom remodel and added benefits

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Feb 05, 2011 @ 11:30 PM

Bathroom remodels are one of my favorite creations for customers. Creating a beautiful bathroom and seeing the faces of my customers when the project is complete is worth everything in the world. Your bathroom supplies you with all the necessities to create a surreal environment. That hot shower on a cold day after work to soothe your aching muscles or that hot and humid day in the summer to cool down, the bathroom is always the room in the house to relax and clean up.

With hundreds of bathroom renovations performed over the years, WMB Construction prides itself in installing a quality bathroom in an adequate time frame. When we perform a bathroom installation, just like any other projects, we perform one job at a time making your job our main concern before other waiting customers. We know and realize what it is like not to have an operating bathroom in your home. Within 1-2 wks we will have you up and running in your new bathroom remodel.



construction creations


Now just think about all your bathroom options. You can leave the original floor plan or possibly move everything around. From a tub to a shower stall or maybe a mud job where we build you a custom shower base. Water spouts that divert water in every direction at you or that jet tub you always wanted. Ideas are endless when creating your bathroom oasis at home.

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Use of Dryloc before basement remodel

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Jan 29, 2011 @ 09:45 PM

Basements are always prone to mold and mildew. This is due to the fact that basements are below grade level leaving your basement subject to water and moisture that enter through your porous foundation. When your foundation was first constructed a foundation coating was applied to the exterior wall of your foundation to prevent any penetration of water to enter. Over time your foundation coating will deteriorate allowing water through the foundation. Concrete is a porous material that welcomes water and moisture if not treated correctly. Especially if you have a block foundation compared to a poured foudation.





Latex Base DRYLOK® Masonry Waterproofer is a low odor, water clean-up formula for waterproofing all interior, exterior, above or below grade masonry walls, cinder and concrete blocks, stucco, brick, retaining walls, basements, concrete swimming pools and foundation. No pre-mixing or pre-wetting necessary.

  • Ready mixed - Low-odor Formula
  • Withstands 10 pounds of hydrostatic pressure, greater than a wall of water 22 feet high
  • Breathable film - does not trap moisture in masonry
  • 10-year Warranty pauls paiting monroe ny
  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Applies easily with brush and/or roller
  • Complies with all current VOC and/or VOS
  • Tintable - available in these ready-mixed colors:

Drylok is an excellent way to try and prevent water infiltration through your foundation. Water is one of natures greatest forces and can be very hard to control. Every step you take in stopping it is a step forward.

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