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Egress window cost/requirements/monroe,ny

Posted by Bill Bateman on Wed, Apr 06, 2016 @ 04:31 PM


Are looking for information on the cost and requirements of an egress window?

You have came to the right spot!!! We specialize in the installation of egress window and can make it a very pain free process for you.


Thank you for viewing our page on egress windows costs and requirements page. Most customers always have concerns when installing an egress window and I hope this page can help you navigate through your project!

Adding an egress window to your home can be exciting and stressful at the same point. Exciting for the person that wants to add safety, light and ventilation. Stressful for the person that is looking to sell their home and is in violation because of not having an egress window. Both senarios have nothing but advantages and in the long run add value and safety to your home.



Customers always ask what is involved and what is the cost of an egress window. Many different factors play into the cost and installation. On average an egress window ranges 3k-5k within reason. Not a bad investment considering the work involved and what you get for it. Just peace in mind is worth it knowing that your loved ones will be protected in case of an emergency.


What are the requirements of an egress window?:

  • Minimum net clear opening of 5.7 square feet
  • Minimum net clear opening height of 24"
  • Minimum net clear opening width of 20"
  • Window well must be 9 square feet
  • Maximum 44" sill height from finished floor
  • Maximum 44" height from insde window well
  • Any heights over 44" require a ladder installed
  • Ladders shall be affixed permanetly with width of at least 12 inches; shall project at least 3" from wall and ladder treads should not exceed 18" on center
  • Window must be able to open without any tools or locks 


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What can determine the cost when installing an egress window?:

  • Block wall or poured concrete wall
  • Access to the location where window is
  • Amount of digging depth
  • Removal of excess dirt off of premises
  • Finish the interior or not
  • Add a Bilco preformed egress window well
  • Removal of trees in front of location where window is to be installed

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 Commonly asked questions:

  • How long will it take to install an egress window? Typically 2-5 days
  • Will there be any dust during the project? Yes, as with any construction you can expect some dust. We have a system though that keeps dust at nominal levels
  • What if there are any gas/water/electrical lines in wall? We will move at an additional cost; unfortunately we cannot determine that until wall has been opened
  • Will not having an egress window hold up my closing? Absolutely, if you have a finished basement you need one and 90% of our calls are for this reason
  • Will an egress window increase the value of my home? Any upgrade will increase the value. Besides more ventilation and light, you bring your basement to code and also protect your loved ones in case of an emergency
  • What kind of window will you be using? We use an Anderson 400 series casement window with a 22" net clear opening




 Thank you for viewing our page on egress windows cost/requirements and hope that the information can help you. From our experience most people wait until they are forced to put one in when selling their home. After we install the windows the customers see the difference and enhancement it bring and wish they did it years ago so they could've enjoyed it. When you are looking to install one you can always contact us at anytime with any questions you may have concerning your egress window


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