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Five key drainage installations to eliminate your homes water issues

Posted by william bateman on Fri, Feb 25, 2011 @ 10:14 AM

Lots of water and no where for it to go. Water tables this time of year are at their capacity leaving water to seep into undesired areas. These areas usually consist of your homes basement. With improper drainage water cannot be diverted away from your home.

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Tips for removing water away and out of your home:

  • Install a sump pump inside your basement. It is installed in the concrete floor to relieve aquastatic pressure before it can enter into your home.
  • Install french drains inside your basement. Drains are installed in the corner of the wall and floor. Usually installed due to failing footing drains.
  • All homes are installed with footing drains unless built on a slab. Over time, older footing drains fail due to products used years ago or poor installation. Footing drains are the number one factor for relieving water away from your home.
  • Install a curtain drain. Curtain drains help relieve water before it reaches your footing drains. Also good for wet areas of your property.
  • Divert gutter downspouts away from home.

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 The key to good drainage is a good installation. Most systems fail due to poor installation and a misunderstanding of how the system works. Water is one of natures greatest forces and costs homeowners and insurance companies trillions of dollars a year.

Key factors when installing footing drains:

  • Make sure before you dig, call! Have a markout done so you don't hit any underground lines.
  • Use a minimum 4" corrugated pipe.
  • Use more gravel than necessary. Gravel is natural drainage.
  • Install filter fabric around gravel.
  • Install filter fabric around corrugated pipe.
  • Use a good quality foundation coating.

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 Curtain drains are a perfect way to relieve water away from your home or property. It works the same way as a footing drain and a lot of the time they are installed together. With both systems installed it cuts down your risk of water penetrating your home.

Why you might need a curtain drain:

  • Areas of your property are consistently wet
  • Water problems in your basement
  • Your soil has bad perculation

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Sump pumps are an excellent way of keeping unwanted water out of your basement. Installed in your basement floor, sump pumps relieve water from aquastatic pressure. In some areas, water tables are always high. As the pressure builds, water will always go where there is the least resistance. This will be in the cracks of your floor or walls. A sump pump catches any unwanted water before it can penetrate  into your home.

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 Removing water away from your home is always a good idea. Gutter downspouts drain a massive amount of water from your roof. Installing a 4" pipe in the ground to divert the water elsewhere is an excellent investment.

What you gain by diverting water from your downspouts:

  • Less water to worry about penetrating your foundation.
  • Less mold and mildew issues next to your home.
  • Much cleaner appearance.


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 Water problems are always an issue. Fixing the problem is another issue. In the picture above you can easily see the high water table before we installed the curtain drain. Contact WMB Construction today for your next water issue.

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