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Half priced bathrooms

Posted by william bateman on Wed, Feb 16, 2011 @ 08:51 AM

Complete bathroom renovations sometimes cannot be avoided if years of water and mildew has left your bathroom in disrepair. In many cases though, your walls and ceiling may be in good condition leaving you only to change the components of your bathroom. Most bathrooms deteriorate in the shower area. Years ago cement board was not available on the market so moisture resistant sheetrock was used. Moisture resistant sheetrock was good for its time,  but in contact with water it would quickly deteriorate. When installing cement board, you are replacing a water resistant product with a waterproof product, huge difference.

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 Due to economic times, our customers have liked the idea of a quick makeover that leaves them with all new components in their bathroom at a discounted price. In the picture above we replaced the old neo-angle showerbase, new divertor, cement board, tile floor and ceiling, vanity and paint.

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This was the shower before we started. You can easily see the decor of the bathroom tile is outdated and in need of replacement. The original two valve diverter had been leaking for years and was beyond repair. We replaced it with a more modern single hand diverter. 


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 Customer was thrilled with the new bathroom remodel we performed and left them with a few extra bucks in their pocket. Their new bathroom is ready for many more years of use.

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 This is another bathroom remodel we performed in Monroe, NY. You can easily see in the photo the mildew and water damage. The  tub was one of the cheapest tubs on the market, a steel tub. The tub was rusting for many years and we removed it just in time before more damage occured. We installed a new Americast tub in place of the old and replaced all new components in the bathroom. We were able to save the walls in this bathroom.

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You would never know this was the same bathroom. We removed the old motel look and upgraded the entire appearance of the bathroom in a few days. Another happy customer with a WMB Construction remodel.


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