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Kitchen remodel may be the best investment for your home

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Feb 05, 2011 @ 03:22 PM

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and in many cases is the number one seller when purchasing a home. The kitchen is the one area that brings family closer together everyday and on special occasions. When you have company you will most likely be entertaining your guests in the vicinity of the kitchen. Unlike the other rooms in your house, you can't just close the door and hide your kitchen if it is in need of a desperate remodel. Nothing can be more embarrassing than entertaining with a dilapidated kitchen.

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On the real estate side, kitchens are what will sell your home. A new kitchen remodel instantly adds value to your home and will make you more money in the long run when you decide to sell. First appearances mean everything when selling your home. Imagine the impact a new kitchen remodel will do for your home!


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 A kitchen remodel isn't only for selling your home. With the added value you instantly gain with a new kitchen remodel,you might as well enjoy it. Like I said before, the kitchen is the heart of your home and should be your main focus.

Kitchen design ideas are endless! We can move cabinets around, open walls, add lighting, many different floor options, and the list goes on! With 3-D imaging, you will be able to view your kitchen to scale what it will look like before any work is performed. There is nothing more exciting than creating a complete kitchen transformation.

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 In this photo we removed the wall and added a oak top. Completely transformed the entire kitchen with a open floor plan bringing all the rooms together.

What you gain by a kitchen remodel:

  • Instant added value to your home

  • Updated electric and plumbing

  • Less embarrassment when you have guests

  • Save money on gas and electric bills with newer energy efficient appliances.


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