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Interior paint with WMB Construction.

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Jan 29, 2011 @ 02:25 PM

Your interior needs an upgrade and new paint is the best way to achieve it. Painting is the quickest and easiest way to upgrade the appearance of your home. Just think, in a few days your home will make a complete transformation from what it was!!!


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WMB uses only quality Benjamin Moore paints with every paint application.

What you should know about interior paints:

  • All paint companies have many different paint grades. When your painting contractor gives you a price, inform what grade he will be using.
  • Inquire if the proper primers will be used. New construction primers or stain killer primers?
  • Oil and latex are two different products. Oil is an excellent stain killer and latex is the best finish coat.
  • All paint companies offer different paint finishes. Which on is best for you? Flat? Eggshell? Semi-gloss? Gloss?
  • Interior painting is a lot more complicated than you might think. The one aspect of painting is your drop clothes. A professional will always concentrate on respecting your home and ensuring no paint will be left on your floors after the job has been completed. Unreversable damage can be done to your home due to an unexperienced painter.remodel, paint,monroe,ny

What to look for when hiring a painting contractor:

  • I believe that a good painter should have a good personal appearance. The tedious and detailed nature of painting should show in the presentation of your painting contractor.
  • Make sure your painting contractor is reputable in the area. He will be working around your personal belongings and your loved ones.
  • Ask how he will be applying the paint. If he is spraying, get rid of him quickly. As much as he trys to cover and tape off your belongings, the over spray will still be everywhere. Not to mention the amount of VOC's in the air.
  • How many guys will be in your home? Most contractors like to show up in the morning, drop off the help, and return at the end of the day. Find out!
  • It is a very common practice for painting contractors to apply the second coat before ever letting the first coat dry. This results in improper coverage and possible paint bubbling.




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