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Whats really behind "ReBath"

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Mar 26, 2011 @ 10:29 AM

Your bathroom is old and outdated? You might be thinking about a quick sale or a quick fix? The thought about price and upsetting your home has you considering a quick fix? A quick fix isn't always the answer and you might just be throwing your money down the drain. You might want to consider a full bathroom remodel that will add more value to your home and more peace in mind that all mold and mildew has been removed. Within 1-2 weeks you will have the bathroom of your dreams!!

rebath bathroom remodel

 Rebath is a franchise company that promises to reface your bathroom by covering up your old tub and shower walls. In the picture above, Rebath came for an estimate to put a cover over this old deteriorated tub. Thats like putting a cap over a rotten tooth!

Top reasons not to use Rebath:

  • Mold and mildew will be trapped and left to keep growing inside your walls and floors

  • Any rotted wall studs and/or flooring cannot be detected and will just be covered

  • Walls will eventually start to come loose as the adhesive breaks down

  • Rebath is not cheap! It is probably the most expensive recycled plastic out there! 

  • The end result is always a cheap look. You can spot a Rebath install a mile away

  • Tubs and shower bases become smaller after capping

rebath bathroom orange county ny

This is a before and after picture of a Rebath installation. I can see why people would like the idea because it gives instant gratification but most people aren't aware of the downfalls.

Besides appearance, what you don't see:

  • Ceramic tile almost always has a glossy surface. Even the best adhesives have a hard time staying adhered. The walls will eventually start to pop off.

  • New divertor was changed from a three hand diverter to a single hand diverter. Thats fine, the only difference is that it should have been moved up another foot minimum. As water hits your body it will tranfer onto the diverter at the lower height and eventually penetrate into your wall creating mold and mildew.

  • The new drain was installed with a pop up. Your trip lever was discontinued and now if you want to take a bath you must push down on the drain. The only problem with this is that your old drain had a strainer cover on it for catching hair and other debris from entering your drainage system. Now your drain is wide open so look for major issues down the road.

  • Notice you have lost any shelving and soap dish. They may equip you with a cheap built in shelf.

  • The rest of your bathroom is still old and outdated so now you will still have to upgrade all the contents.

bathrooms orange county monroe ny

Here is another Rebath cover up job. Makes you cringe to think all that mold, mildew and bacteria is still living under your new tub. Don't be fooled, these installations are nothing more than a quick cover up job.

Benefits of a full bathroom remodel:

  • All of your old moldy and mildew contents are removed down to the studs

  • New fiberglass insulation is installed and brought up to current R-values

  • All your plumbing valves are changed inside the walls

  • Electrical is updated and extra lighting can be installed

  • Shower area walls, cement board will be installed and new moisture resistant sheetrock on the rest of the walls and ceiling of bathroom

  • Opportunity to add in wall shelves or recessed vanity

  • Freshly painted walls

  • Opportunity to notice any unseen problems

Newly renovated bathroom with WMB Construction

 orange county bathroom remodel ny

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WMB Construction bathroom remodel, attached slideshow

Posted by william bateman on Tue, Mar 01, 2011 @ 09:37 PM

Bathroom renovations are one of our favorite remodels performed. Average of one or two weeks, we can transform your once dispicatble room into a room of beauty and elegance. WMB Construction has been creating elegant products for many years now throughout Orange County, NY.

On a personal level, I experience that my wife enjoys a shower 3-4 times a day. The bathroom is an area of your home that is a necessity that cleans, relieves, prepares and relaxes you for the next day, morning or the night! Now on that note, I mostly notice that women have a stronger desire to enjoy the bathroom. Soft soaps, candles, bubble bath, make-up, etc.; it is a priority to relax and keep themselves moisturized and beautiful. 



best mechanical monroe ny construction


Now, male or female, who would want to take a bath in this tub? Just think of the mold, rust and mildew that has been growing in this tub.

In this situation what to do:

  • Call "Rebath" to cover up the mold and mildew
  • Try bleach and ammonia to kill the bacteria
  • Sell and take a huge loss

In this situation there is only one realistic solution in correcting the problem!


best mechanical monroe ny

 A full bathroom renovation increases the value and quality of your life!!

best mechanical monroe ny

 WMB CONSTRUCTION new tub install and recessed shelf constructed!

best mechanical kitchens bathrooms


Within a week to two, we will transform your bathroom!


construction creations


Ever think of a recessed shelf built into your wall?


e and d home improvements construction creations


In one to two weeks you can enjoy this!!!


best mechanical monroe kitchens bathrooms


A new bathroom renovation gains:

  • Added value to your home
  • Eliminate mold and mildew problems
  • Elevated mood in a clean enviroment
  • Less health issues due to allergies
  • New fixtures create a better atomosphere for less water issues

WMB Construction is your full phase construction company for any of your home improvements needs!

Enjoy our selected slideshow of our most recent bathroom renovation.

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Half priced bathrooms

Posted by william bateman on Wed, Feb 16, 2011 @ 08:51 AM

Complete bathroom renovations sometimes cannot be avoided if years of water and mildew has left your bathroom in disrepair. In many cases though, your walls and ceiling may be in good condition leaving you only to change the components of your bathroom. Most bathrooms deteriorate in the shower area. Years ago cement board was not available on the market so moisture resistant sheetrock was used. Moisture resistant sheetrock was good for its time,  but in contact with water it would quickly deteriorate. When installing cement board, you are replacing a water resistant product with a waterproof product, huge difference.

e and d home improvements monroe ny

 Due to economic times, our customers have liked the idea of a quick makeover that leaves them with all new components in their bathroom at a discounted price. In the picture above we replaced the old neo-angle showerbase, new divertor, cement board, tile floor and ceiling, vanity and paint.

best mechanical bathrooms monroe ny

This was the shower before we started. You can easily see the decor of the bathroom tile is outdated and in need of replacement. The original two valve diverter had been leaking for years and was beyond repair. We replaced it with a more modern single hand diverter. 


best mechanical kitchen bathroom


 Customer was thrilled with the new bathroom remodel we performed and left them with a few extra bucks in their pocket. Their new bathroom is ready for many more years of use.

best mechical kitchen bathroom

 This is another bathroom remodel we performed in Monroe, NY. You can easily see in the photo the mildew and water damage. The  tub was one of the cheapest tubs on the market, a steel tub. The tub was rusting for many years and we removed it just in time before more damage occured. We installed a new Americast tub in place of the old and replaced all new components in the bathroom. We were able to save the walls in this bathroom.

best mechanical kitchen bathroom


You would never know this was the same bathroom. We removed the old motel look and upgraded the entire appearance of the bathroom in a few days. Another happy customer with a WMB Construction remodel.


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Bathroom remodel and added benefits

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Feb 05, 2011 @ 11:30 PM

Bathroom remodels are one of my favorite creations for customers. Creating a beautiful bathroom and seeing the faces of my customers when the project is complete is worth everything in the world. Your bathroom supplies you with all the necessities to create a surreal environment. That hot shower on a cold day after work to soothe your aching muscles or that hot and humid day in the summer to cool down, the bathroom is always the room in the house to relax and clean up.

With hundreds of bathroom renovations performed over the years, WMB Construction prides itself in installing a quality bathroom in an adequate time frame. When we perform a bathroom installation, just like any other projects, we perform one job at a time making your job our main concern before other waiting customers. We know and realize what it is like not to have an operating bathroom in your home. Within 1-2 wks we will have you up and running in your new bathroom remodel.



construction creations


Now just think about all your bathroom options. You can leave the original floor plan or possibly move everything around. From a tub to a shower stall or maybe a mud job where we build you a custom shower base. Water spouts that divert water in every direction at you or that jet tub you always wanted. Ideas are endless when creating your bathroom oasis at home.

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cement board vs. sheetrock

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Jan 29, 2011 @ 05:01 PM

it is very common now a days to see most contractors using cement board on the walls in tub/shower areas. It has largely replaced moisture resistant sheetrock which has been used for years epecially before cement board was available. Moisture resistant sheetrock is still used everyday and is an excellent product for all the walls and ceiling of your bathroom, just not in the tub/shower area. When sheetrock is used in the shower area it will most likely fail within 3-8 years due to the fact that it is moisture resistant and not water proof.contractor,monroe,ny

Today moisture resistant sheetrock has been replaced in the shower area with cement board. Cement board is a water proof product and will not deteriorate when in direct contact with water. Cement board is made using actual cement with a fiberglass mesh exterior.

Cement board uses:

  • Bathroom walls and floors.
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Soffits in bathrooms
  • Exterior uses before stucco or cultured stone is installed.
  • Kitchen floors.

The conclusion is that cement board is the only product you should be using when there is any chance of contact with water. Many times its what you don't see behind the walls that has the biggest impact for  longevity of your project.

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Five key factors for remodeling your basement

Posted by william bateman on Sat, Jan 29, 2011 @ 01:36 PM

When you think of the word basement it may come to mind of that dark gloomy area of your home. It is the area of your home you most likely dread going to do laundry, store some can goods, or maybe change the filter in your furnace once or twice a year. Open ceilings, exposed electrical wires, hanging insulation, exposed plumbing lines, etc......... Doesn't really sound like a fun place to be in your home.

 finished basement,remodel,home improvements

Just imagine that area of your home remodeled with heat, lighting, and walls and ceilings. It is easily converted into usable living area and will most likely be the biggest room of your home. Most basements are the same square footage as your entire first floor. When you start thinking of remodeling your basement, the ideas become endless. You can go from a standard open floor plan to adding bathrooms, wet bars, bedrooms, closets, sauna room, weight room, kitchen; the ideas become endless.

home improvements,monroe,ny,basement


Five key factors for remodeling your basement:

  • Substantial amount of added living area.

  • Added value to your home.

  • By finishing you basement you eliminate most of the mildew and mold common in unfinished basements. Heat and light create a more mold free atmosphere.

  • Basements are the perfect area to create a mother/daughter apartment.

  • Added entertaining area. Basements with an open floor plan create great entertaining areas.

What you should know before your basement conversion:

  • You are required to maintain a minimum ceiling height of 7 ft from finished floor to finished ceiling.

  • You are required to maintain a minimum height of 6'-8" measured from finished floor to all beams, girders,ducts or other obstructions.

  • You will be require to have some form of fire escape from your basement. Exit through a garage is not a legal escape. In some cases you will be required to install a egress window with a minimum net clear opening of 5.7 sq. ft.

  • Note if your electrical system is up to date and can handle added circuits.

contracting monroe ny

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Proper subfloor for tile remodeling

Posted by william bateman on Thu, Dec 30, 2010 @ 09:00 PM

In my field of work I have seen many tile floors fail due to improper subfloors and wrong glues used during installations. Most tile floors when finished always look great unless the work was done half fast. What you dont know is what was done before and during the installation of the tile. Subflooring is the most important part for the longevity of a floor. All ceramic tile companies recommend a minimum of 1 1/4" subflooring before any tile is set. Most all of homes are built with 3/4" plywood flooring through out the house so an extra 1/2" where ceramic tile is to be applied is necessary wheather you use plywood or cementboard. Since ceramic tile, like concrete, is a solid product that does not do well under any movement is very likely to crack if the proper steps are not taken. What we do at WMB Construction is make sure the original subflooring is properly secured to the floor joists using 2 1/2" screws.(screws always hold better that nails that builders use during new construction.)  Next we install 1/2" cement board(Perma Base) over original subfloor setting the cement board in Sturdi-Flex adhesive and using 1 5/8" screws every 3" to secure the cement board down. Now tile is ready to be set on top of a subfloor that is completely indestructable. Some might say my methods are a bit over the top but a little extra material and labor is well worth a great installation so that I can sleep at night


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