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Key factors when choosing to build a new deck

Posted by william bateman on Fri, Mar 25, 2011 @ 06:03 PM

Decks, whether attached to your home, around you pool or just on the ground, enhance your living and entertaining area. Your front entrance may need an upgrade, your back deck may need to be replaced or built from scratch, your pool may need a deck around it! Whatever the case is, a deck increases the value of your home and adds extra outdoor square footage to your home.

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WMB Construction offers many different deck designs and options.

Different materials WMB Construction works with:

  • Treated lumber

  • Composite

  • cedar

  • Redwood

  • Many different railing types

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 Treated lumber is, believe it or not, still the number #1 choice for building decks. With the proper up keep, you will receive many, many years of use.

Benefits of using treated lumber for your deck:

  • Wood is more structurally sound

  • Less expensive to buy and install

  • Ability to change color of deck

  • Spiral nails used for attaching decking make for a stronger bond than composite screws.

Down fall of using treated lumber:

  • If not treated properly decking will splinter over time

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Composite decks are also very popular in the industry. They offer a look of elegance that cannot  be achieved when using treated lumber.

Benefits of using composite:

  • Will not splinter

  • Low maintenance

  • Variety of colors and combinations

  • Will not warp or shrink

  • Added value to your home

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Most composite decking is enhanced to prevent the growth of mold and mildew build up. Your composite deck should still be cleaned at least once a year though.

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No matter what material you use, lighting can always be installed to enhance any deck project!

WMB Construction deck services:

  • Decks off of your home

  • Deck around pools

  • Deck refacing(save existing structure and add new decking and railings)

  • Deck extensions

  • Deck staining

  • Stair construction

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