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Lower your cooling costs this year with replacement windows

Posted by william bateman on Thu, Jan 06, 2011 @ 11:13 AM

As we all know heating and cooling costs across the country are constantly on the rise. Families feel the impact every year and most don't know that there is a solution for lowering your heating costs. Most of the homes when they were built were installed with a single pane window. This means the glass in the window is only one piece as todays windows are a double pane consisting of two pieces of glass. Windows make up a large percentage of square footage of your home and makes it very important to have a quality window to increase your R-value.

I have strongly worked with Certainteed window products over the years and have had tremendous success with their replacement window line. A replacement window fits inside of your existing window frame which saves a great deal of time and money as opposed to a complete window replacement which involves a great deal more work and expense. You can search Certainteed window products @ www.certainteed.com and explore the entire window line available and all the added features you will obtain with installing new windows.creations construction window

In the meantime, here are a few tips to save energy costs with your old windows :

  • Most hardware stores sell plastic shrink wrap that can be installed on the interior of the window frame to insulate and help keep drafts out.
  • In the summer open your windows at night to allow the cool air in. Close the windows in the morning to keep the warm air outside.
  • Make sure all window locks are locked.

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